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Employee Wellness; Counselling,

Employee Wellness Program

Well-being is taking time to be happy, wealthy, successful, or in good physical health. Holistic well-being looks at all the physical, mental, financial, and social aspects together.


That could be taking time for an activity we enjoy every day, being financially secure or contributing more to society.

Employees are grappling with several crises at once, from the pandemic and financial stress to job security concerns. As a result, these mounting concerns can leave employees feeling isolated and burned out at work.


Unfortunately, many companies are not prepared to manage this challenge.

An employee wellness program provides an innovative approach to well-being support that combines each of these areas which impact overall well-being.

The benefits of an integrated approach to employee well-being programs are:

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Increased organisational performance

  • Ability to recruit and retain the best talent

  • Lower absence costs

  • Improved service quality

  • Provide a return on investment


My holistic wellness program will provide the following:

  • Your current well-being strategy

  • What your staff value

  • What your organisation values

  • Creating a tailored communication plan

  • Employee engagement outcome

  • Supportive management engagement and promotions

  • Addressing mental health issues in the workplace

  • Improving physical and mental well-being of employees

  • Creating resources to boost financial wellness

  • Creating social outlets for staff interaction


Why should you support well-being at work?

Research has proven that the well-being of each employee can affect the performance of the:

  • Individual

  • Team(s) they work in

  • Team(s) they work with

  • The overall organisation


How would it benefit the organisation?

An employee wellness program accomplishes the following:

  • Improving overall workplace culture.

  • Develop ways to make your employees feel more valued.

  • Facilitating better communication among employees and between employees and company leaders

  • Improving employee engagement and motivation

  • Employing strategies that help employees focus on healthier living


What Ubuntu Holistic Counselling can help with

  • Corporate wellness strategy (review & recommendations)  

  • Corporate wellness programs (custom development and implementation) 

  • Corporate wellness workshops (eg positive thinking skills, self-care, meditation,)

  • Corporate stress management workshops

  • Providing counselling services to a business

Ubuntu Holistic Counselling packages can include:

  • Employee surveys

  • Webinars online

  • Training workshops online

  • Employee wellness resources


Are you ready to support employee health and wellness in your organisation: for employees to thrive and your business to flourish?

A happy and content workforce produces a productive business!

  • Motivating (multiple ways to encourage healthy behaviours),

  • Educating (understand the why and how of healthy living),

  • Supporting (environmental factors like friends, family and work culture are effective), and

  • Encouraging accountability (track and reward progress).

  • Improving communication strategies

  • Encouraging employee engagement sessions

  • Encouraging senior management engagement and promotion


Ubuntu Holistic Counselling offers a range of services that may assist your business to ensure you are not only

meeting your duty of care requirements as an employer but also offering a safe and supportive environment for employees to thrive. 


An effective wellness strategy will help improve employee engagement and foster a genuine sense of involvement among your employees.

Give me a call or schedule an appointment to discuss how I can help you have influence with your business.

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