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Anxiety, stress, counselling

Anxiety and stress

Are you feeling moody and irritable and have constant headaches, aches, and pains? Do you feel pressured and overwhelmed regularly? Do you stay up at night worrying about things? Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Do you suffer from digestive issues? Do you

overeat or undereat? Do you experience recurring panic attacks at unexpected times?


Do you have an extreme fear of being judged by others in social situations? Do you fear being away from home or loved ones? Do you have, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, restlessness, trouble concentrating, and difficulty falling asleep when you feeling anxious?

If you are going through any of these symptoms then you most likely experiencing anxiety and stress. I will help you uncover the underlying causes of your challenges and concerns. In my holistic counselling approach, I will teach you stress management and relaxation techniques to deal with situations that cause you to be anxious and stressed. These techniques will assist you in taking control of your thoughts, feelings, your work and daily life and any other areas of your life that are adding to your anxiety and stress.

Trauma, Counselling, Counsellor


Are you struggling with a combination of problems due to unwanted, abusive, and/or traumatic experiences?  Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, trouble caring for yourself, and relationship issues after surviving trauma?


Recovery from trauma does not necessarily result in being “free” of the traumatic events that affect you but allows you the opportunity to live in the present without feeling flooded with thoughts and feelings from the past. 

In my holistic counselling approach, my first step will be developing an understanding of the effects of your trauma and treatment. My next stage will be helping you to develop skills and techniques to cope with your trauma.

You will start learning to feel safe in your body and feel safe emotionally.

You will learn skills to feel safe in your environment. We will work together on your healing and overcoming your traumatic memories. You will learn to integrate and live in the present.

Depression, Ubuntu Counselling, Counsellor


Do you feel stuck, frustrated, lost, or depressed? Are you struggling to find peace or make lasting change? Modern life is extremely challenging and demanding, taking a toll on our mental well-being and relationships. This can feel very overwhelming and isolating. 

Feeling sad and unhappy is a normal response to loss or a general lack of positive experiences in our lives.

If these feelings settle in and become the norm, lasting for weeks and often far longer, then you may be experiencing depression.


My holistic counselling approach is to support you in embracing your inner wisdom and strength and give you all the necessary tools to develop and grow.

My counselling focus will be on treating your whole being, body and mind to help you feel better.

A healthy diet, exercise, and talk therapy are a few of the holistic approaches I will use to help you.

Anger, Counsellor, Counselling


Do you find yourself clenching your teeth and grinding your jaw?

Do you express your anger verbally or physically towards other people?

Do you find yourself losing your temper for little or no reason?

Do you have experience bouts of rage frequently?

Do you have breakdowns in your relationships because of your anger?


If you have answered yes, then you most likely have an anger issue.

Taking anger out on others is never ok.  I will help you deal with your anger issues in a better way.

I will assist you, by teaching you how to relax, how to be calm and by teaching you different techniques and strategies for controlling your anger and healing your relationships.


My holistic counselling approach will address the psychological, physiological, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of you. We will do work addressing your core wounds.

Are you ready to take the next step to get help with your anger?

It's time to stop the hurt to yourself and others.

Physical and emotional abuse

Physical and emotional abuse (men and women)

Abuse can come in many forms like physical or verbal maltreatment, injury, assault, violation, rape, unjust practices, crimes, or other types of aggression committed against others. Abuse affects your past present and future. Abuse leaves psychological and emotional wounds that are more difficult to heal than physical injuries.


Abuse survivors still hold trauma long after the abuse has ended.  This trauma impacts your ability to form relationships and find happiness.

I will assist you in restoring your self-esteem and work towards a more fulfilling and happy life, helping you have healthier relationships.

My holistic counselling approach will help you heal slowly and overcome your fears and trauma. I will help you learn to gain your power back. I will help you overcome some of your fears. I will teach you coping techniques to deal with bad memories.

Isolation, Loneliness, Counselling

Isolation and loneliness

Loneliness is an inner feeling of being completely on your own, even when surrounded by people you know. It’s a sense of perhaps not being able to connect with others, and of sometimes feeling cut off from the world. Isolation comes from being separated from friends and family, possibly because of where you live, or perhaps because of bereavement or being estranged from loved ones. Keeping thoughts and feelings to yourself – not feeling able to share them with anyone else. 


Are you finding it difficult to find the energy and motivation to celebrate and get involved in social situations, especially over festive seasons? Are you struggling when you do feel able to attend social situations, and fearful that what you have to say won’t be interesting or engaging enough? Are you putting on a brave face while inside you’re feeling sad and empty, as though no one cares enough to see how you’re feeling?

Are you lacking in confidence? Possibly experiencing symptoms of depression, including low mood, low self-esteem, low energy, and feelings of worthlessness. Feeling caught in a cycle that it’s difficult to get out of.

Pessimistic about current and future relationships, where life can start to feel pointless.

Holistic counselling can help you have a safe space to chat and discuss your feelings of isolation

and loneliness. Identify the root cause of your isolation. Develop skills to take care of yourself. Address any psychosocial support and how you can address any physical or mental health needs. I will help you explore the factors behind your feelings of isolation. Assist you in addressing the underlying issues that may be there.

I will support you through your healing journey. 

Life transitions, counselling, individual counselling

Life transitions

Are you experiencing life transitions,  the act of a change? Change comes in all forms. It could be the milestones of age or moving into a new environment. Are you leaving an old relationship or stepping into a new one? Are you becoming a parent unexpectedly?


Sometimes change can come suddenly and tragically, such as the loss of a loved one. Some other examples of life transitions in young adults are relocation, parenthood, marriage, mid-life changes, late adulthood, retirement, new career, and divorce.

There are certain life transitions that may leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or uncertain.

You may start questioning your beliefs, your personal values… even yourself. It’s natural to feel resistant to change, but how we deal with it will determine how it affects our lives.

I can help you make sense of these transitions and help you grasp these new changes without fear and uncertainty. In my counselling sessions, I will work with you to put strategies in place to make you feel more confident and empowered by these new changes.

Limiting beliefs, Ubuntu Counselling

Limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours

Self-limiting beliefs are like self-sabotage. If you believe that something can’t be done, it will be done by some other means. Most beliefs have helped us to get where we are in life and often work in our favour.  However, some beliefs go unchecked holding us back and making us feel stuck and blocked, unable to reach our true potential in life.  

These beliefs can stop us from being the person that we are meant to be. Once you start recognising this only then, can you start to challenge these beliefs and move forward. The goal is to rewrite those beliefs and replace them with more positive (truer) ones and becoming more conscious and aware is the key to an amazing transformation in your life.

My holistic counselling approach will be to Identify any self-limiting beliefs and what behaviours they have resulted in.

We will work to uncover where these beliefs might have come from. Explore where these beliefs have shown to be incorrect. Identify what beliefs could better support you.


We will work together to challenge your thoughts. We will work on creating new behaviours, which you will trial, practice and  reinforce which is necessary to properly embed these behaviours and ways of thinking

into your life.

Shame, Guilt, Counselling

Shame and guilt

Shame and guilt work so well together because they feed off one another. We feel guilty for our actions or decisions, but are unable to resolve them, which leads to feelings of self-resentment, which then leads to feelings of shame, and so the cycle continues.


It is this cycle that causes us to experience guilt and shame and can lead us to find ourselves saying we are ashamed when actually we are guilty or vice versa. Shame and Guilt can eat away and destroy self-worth. 


I will help you get to the root cause to gain a new sense of yourself and being valuable. I will teach you to gain the capacity to change, grow and once again feel peace within your mind.

I will help you develop more constructive and harmonious ways of communicating and relating with others (and self) with a focus on respecting your and their emotional boundaries.

You will develop skills to foster the will and the sense of autonomy to promote greater connection and validation.


Teenage Counselling

Supporting teenagers through their challenges in life can equip them with effective ways to recognise, and manage their emotions. Today’s teens need mental health treatment that goes beyond talk therapy. A teen’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are equally important.

Holistic Counselling is an effective way to address issues that are preventing you from living the life you want. Teenagers are going through a lot of so many challenges and it's important to support and help them in this journey.


My approach is to build a positive rapport & trusting relationship where teens are comfortable disclosing the depth of what they are experiencing. I will explore all aspects of a teen's emotions, family and friendship relationships, school life and regular social activities they participate in. My counselling sessions will incorporate various strategies, talking therapy, mindfulness activities & guided meditation.

I help teens experiencing challenges with stress, anxiety, self-confidence, cultural and ethical factors and relationships with family and peers. My approach will always be from a compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental place, where teenagers can speak freely, openly, and confidentially in a safe and loving space.

My focus is to offer you support, improving your health and well-being in the following personal and life challenges

Personal development, Mindfulness,Coaching

Personal Development

Personal development teaches you to master your emotions: make clear decisions, respond with kindness, and grow your support network. In my coaching/counselling session I will work with you to  achieve your goals.

  • You will develop techniques to be calm and sensitive, and thereby be able to be proactive in the face of adversity.

  • Gain the ability to respond successfully to challenging circumstances

  • Successfully modify negative emotions that inhibit creativity, motivation, and productivity

  • Build a foundation for personal and professional well-being

  • Learn to navigate adversity and the everyday challenges of being human

  • Personal development teaches you to identify and remove the blocks to your success and happiness

  • Helps you accelerate towards achieving your goals

  • Helps you identify your passion and purpose with more clarity

  • Helps you remove fear from controlling your life choices.

  • Enables you to transform and create a dramatic change

  • Assists you in identifying your strengths and the challenges of certain areas of your life

Schedule and appointment

I can help you with your journey of change and healing

Personal development, counselling, mindfulness

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaching is the ability to develop one’s mind to pay attention to the present surroundings without judgement.

Mindfulness will develop your own ability to cultivate habits that explore the Now of your life; that enable you to truly relax and nurture joy.

Developing techniques and practices to be kind to yourself underpins your heart and mind gaining more clarity and depth.

Mindfulness coaching is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Strengthen your rational thinking

  • Improve the quality of your relationships

  • Create a more pleasant personal life experience

  • Improve and find joy in performance-oriented tasks

  • Provide more value to conversations, and make clearer judgements

  • Have greater focus and concentration

  • Have better sleep, less stress and anxiety

  • Reduce stress

  • Enhance performance

  • Gain insight and awareness through observing our mind

  • Increase our attention to others' well-being

Do you find yourself saying 'this time I am going to make it happen', but it never does? 

Ubuntu Holistic Counselling

Ubuntu Holistic Counselling

Ubuntu: I am Because You Are

The foreign philosophy we need to explore

now more than ever before

Start your healing journey with me today. 

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